Want deals on hotel on Indian holiday?

How to get hotel booking discounts?

The answer is simple: book your stay in advance. The next question you might ask, ‘Why?’ It’s a tricky question. An advance hotel booking cut down your freedoms. It means you are committed if you cut your stay short, or cancel the trip you lose your booking money. On the flip side, if you don’t book your hotel, you may have to pay more for a lower grade hotel. Therefore, the risk is there. But the thing is, you can cut down your cost with hotel booking discounts.

The next part is how to get hotel booking discounts? There are plenty of websites that offer discounts against a nominal fee. You can also get discounts on booking by the hotels. You need to research a bit on this score. That settled, you now select your holiday space.

Where to go?

That’s a good question. Last time we have discussed holidaying in Asian countries. Continuing our discussion, we will today discuss another country for your holiday destination. Right this time the country is India. No Asian tour is complete without visiting India.

Online activity bookings in India

Not so fast, rest assured you will get enough time for online activity bookings in India, but before that, you have to select the places you want to visit. India is a vast country, with amazing shrines and architectural wonder, and blessed with natural beauty. You will get long and short sea beaches, sky high, snow-clad mountains, and multitudes of trekking trails. You will get serene sea beaches as well as roaring waves, gorgeous falls and steep climbs. If you want choices, In India there are plenty. So, before going for online activity bookings, you first finalize your destinations. But, there is a caveat, if your tour plan is for a week, don’t think you will be able to understand India.

A glimpse through Indian beaches

India has more than 7500 km of coastline of which a little over 6000 km is in the mainland and balance with its islands. The Indian plate got free from the Australian plate around 90 million years back and started a hectic run towards North @ 15cm /year and crushed against the Eurasian Plate 50 million years ago. Don’t laugh! The movement is the fastest the Eurasian Plate clocked only 5 cm /year. And up came the Himalayas as a sentry to the Indian peninsula.

The reason to explain plate tectonics is to help you understand the Indian coastline. The reason India does not have natural harbors except Visakhapatnam and Machlipatnam in the east in spite of a very long coastline.

However, it provided beautiful beaches in the eastern and western coasts. The seas that surround India are the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and the Arabian Sea in the west.

The Andaman Archipelago is a cluster of 572 islands and a popular tourist attraction. If you like Sun and sand, and trekking, the Andaman and Nicobar island is a must go. But, remember, the tourists were not allowed to visit quite a few islands, and should not venture an adventure to the restricted areas, without explicit permission from the local administration.

The resort booking online at Andaman

You will get the facility of resort booking online at Andaman. But that is available for the main tourist places. You have to make a plan for visiting the uninhabited islands if you want to enjoy the pristine beauty that will be your lifetime experience. Make headquarter at Port Blair; Port Blair is the capital of Andaman Islands, and you can access other islands from islands by boats or through land routes. Don’t miss snorkeling at Jolly Boy, and the setting Sun from Radhanagar beach, Havloc. Diglipur is another must go destination. In boat trips, in and out of Port Blair, you will be stunned by the beauties curved by nature.

The best time to visit Andaman is the winter months, but if you are not afraid of inclement weather, you can try it during monsoon. You will see how nature unfolds, and you will see what it looked like a few million years back. It’s a journey through time.

Beaches of mainland

In the mainland also you will get beaches in the eastern part, as well as on the west. The beaches on the east will offer you rolling waves. The roaring waves will challenge your might. The beach at Gopalpur-on-sea is especially notorious for its undercurrent. If you are traveling with your kids, keep them away from the roaring waves. The risk here is that you ducked a wave when at three feet of water, and discovered that you are seven feet deep once it rolled past. You will panic, and that’s how catastrophes happen. So, keep kids far from the inviting waves, unless they are an ace swimmer and in life jackets. The best thing about Gopalpur-on-sea is that you can enjoy the four-star luxury if you so wish. The nearest airport to Gopalpur-on-sea is Bhubaneswar, and the distance is 164 km.

Other famed beaches of eastern India

At a commutable distance from Bhubaneswar, you will get the famous Puri sea beach. Here the sea will change its fire and fury according to its whim, but you will enjoy it, and the sea is safe from the shark attack.  Puri is an excellent pilgrim place for the Lord Jagannath Temple. You will get luxury accommodations in and around Puri. Traditionally non-Hindus are not allowed entry inside the temple, though the Supreme Court of India has asked the authorities to change the guideline. However, you need to check the matter with the authorities. But you can always visit the famous Sun temple at Konark the sculpture will speak for itself. Only avoid the Temple Town during the festive season as there will be millions of visitors. At other times you will get excellent hotel booking discounts.

A calm beach

The Bay of Bengal is famous for its roughness, but the Arabian sea is calm. So, if you want a beach calm and quiet, you must look forward to Western India. The ideal beach is in Kovalam, Kerala. The half-moon beach lined with coconut trees is a treat to remember.

There are a few great beaches in Kerala, but let’s hop on Konkan Express for Goa. The state is in the radar of overseas tourists for a long time. You will get details of all those famous beaches online. But there are a few ‘far from the maddening crowd’ try those beaches like Mandrem beach in North Goa. It’s an ideal recluse for the honeymooners. The beach is near Arambol beach a hot destination for the tourists, but somehow escaped the hustle and bustle of the daily choir. It’s a place to relax and recuperate.

A few more beaches in western India

In Kochi, Kerala there is a famous beach you can visit. Those are Andhakaranazhi beach and Marari beach. The first one is unpopulated, except for a fisherman colony, the second is a famed one. Similarly, there is another gem, Ullal, Mangalore. But Ullal is not fit for water sports or from swimming for the undercurrent.

If you are interested in the sea, there are numerous beaches in India to explore. For example, you can try the New Digha or Bokkhali in West Bengal in eastern India. You will enjoy the Bokkhali on a moonlit night. But there is no three-star facility in Bokkali let alone five-star luxury. But, it will cut your cost to a great extent.

The foods in India

India is famous for its spices, but you will also get continental dishes in all big cities, and they won’t be spicy. You will get plenty of fruits and sweet dishes in Eastern India; especially, in Kolkata, which is sublime. Kolkata is also famous for Moglai preparations and is comparable to anywhere in the world.

The language

India is a multilingual country, but you can communicate in English. But it must be accent-free, however, in Southern, and Western India spoken English is highly accentuated. So, speak slowly and try to listen intently. If you stay in star-rated hotels language won’t bother. Take care while buying souvenirs you need to bargain heavily.

Safety advice

Keep your travel documents in the hotel lockers and keep a copy with you. Don’t carry, big cash with you, but keep a copy of your health insurance plan to meet any contingency. In hotels always insist on sealed mineral water bottles, but in the Indian beaches, you will always find green coconuts to quench your thirst. Green coconut water is ideal in Indian condition, and unless you have a health issue, you will enjoy it. Remember, coconut water is rich in potassium, so ask your physician whether he has a caveat on coconut water.


You got a few destinations in India with a seafront. But India is not only about sea beaches, but India also stands for its centuries-old culture, temples, shrines, and the majestic Himalayas. You will need a few more talks to select the ideal place or the combination to tour India. Meanwhile, look for hotel booking discounts or for that matter wine clubs bookings and wait for our next discussion to finalize your India tour.