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April is time to avail travel booking offer

Why? Because if you dilly-dally then as Elliot said, “April could be the cruelest month.” The travel booking offers for the coming season won’t last long. So you need to hurry! But, before that, you have to fix your destination.  What about Asia? The continent is the seat of a very ancient culture with a long history, and to top, it upholds stunning natural beauty. The Asian civilization would lead you back to the days when in the other part of the world our species were cave dwellers. Though war strife and terrorism, have limited our access and pose a mortal risk. Therefore, these places are not within our itinerary but mentioned in passing.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Egypt was the seat of an ancient civilization and an architectural wonder. Yes, the pyramid complex of Giza, also known as the Giza Necropolis. The term looks familiar? Maybe you are influenced by the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The pyramid complex itself is enough to inspire your awe and lifetime interest. The architectural achievement is still a wonder and hotly debated subject and the recent electron microscope scanning survey’s conclusion that the top was a cast, added fuel to it. There are many mystery tales and movies with the Egyptian cult as a backdrop made it more romantic. So, don’t wait, look for hotel offers in Egypt.

There was a travel advisory on Egypt, but it has now stands withdrawn, so you can try to have a few romantic nights here.

Ancient Sumer was another such place but it’s in Iraq, and unless you have the courage of a lion or a war reporter, it’s better to avoid. So, great Babylon is now out choice and hope for a better tomorrow. Let’s move from 4500 BCE to 1130 AD.

The Cambodian grandeur

Cambodia has several tourist spots, but the crowning jewel is Angkor Wat. Colossus is a term too small to describe Angkor Wat. Of course, it is a world heritage site, and joint effort is in force to restore it to its full glory. The central tire is almost 700 feet high from the base, and the expanse is about 208 hectares of land. It has miles of exquisite carvings in sandstone, and each figure is different from the other. The least to describe Angkor Wat is that it is not describable. It has to be seen to believe. It is enough to know that the materials needed to construct Angkor Wat was more than the three pyramids of Egypt, taken together.

Angkor Wat is a lifetime experience, so if you are inclined or enthused about it, it’s time to look for rental car bookings.

Indonesian Marvel

Travel a few thousand kilometer South on the distance and a few centuries back in time you will find Borobudur. Another World Heritage architecture and another wonder of the ancient world. Borobudur was a Buddhist temple and constructed in the 9th Century. It was once a revered center of pilgrimage and teaching of Buddhist concept to attaining Nirvana. It depicts the journey from the world of desire to the world of forms and then a progression to the world of formlessness. The temple lost is patronage once the kingdom embraced Islam and then rediscovered. Unfortunately, the colonial masters and the souvenir hunters looted and vandalized it for years. It also suffered extensive damage by the volcanic ashes and earthquakes. There was a desperate effort to save the structure now headed by UNESCO. However, the early efforts to restore the temple has done more harm than good. The sister temple of Borobudur is Angkor Wat (by UNESCO), and both are waiting out to amaze you.

That’s all about the wonders of the ancient world. But Cambodia and Indonesia are not confined to these two sites. If you search the tourist destinations in Indonesia, you will find Banda Aceh is more popular. There are lake Toba and the Komodo Dragon a better attraction. But, it’s only to remind you there are options better than what the tourists go for and the pressure of the package forced them to abandon the best. Here is a friendly advice, don’t forget your luxury home bookings. The home stays with specially brewed coffee taste heavenly. Don’t forget to bring a few gift packs.

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