Want deals on hotel on Indian holiday?

How to get hotel booking discounts?

The answer is simple: book your stay in advance. The next question you might ask, ‘Why?’ It’s a tricky question. An advance hotel booking cut down your freedoms. It means you are committed if you cut your stay short, or cancel the trip you lose your booking money. On the flip side, if you don’t book your hotel, you may have to pay more for a lower grade hotel. Therefore, the risk is there. But the thing is, you can cut down your cost with hotel booking discounts.

The next part is how to get hotel booking discounts? There are plenty of websites that offer discounts against a nominal fee. You can also get discounts on booking by the hotels. You need to research a bit on this score. That settled, you now select your holiday space.

Where to go?

That’s a good question. Last time we have discussed holidaying in Asian countries. Continuing our discussion, we will today discuss another country for your holiday destination. Right this time the country is India. No Asian tour is complete without visiting India.

Online activity bookings in India

Not so fast, rest assured you will get enough time for online activity bookings in India, but before that, you have to select the places you want to visit. India is a vast country, with amazing shrines and architectural wonder, and blessed with natural beauty. You will get long and short sea beaches, sky high, snow-clad mountains, and multitudes of trekking trails. You will get serene sea beaches as well as roaring waves, gorgeous falls and steep climbs. If you want choices, In India there are plenty. So, before going for online activity bookings, you first finalize your destinations. But, there is a caveat, if your tour plan is for a week, don’t think you will be able to understand India.

A glimpse through Indian beaches

India has more than 7500 km of coastline of which a little over 6000 km is in the mainland and balance with its islands. The Indian plate got free from the Australian plate around 90 million years back and started a hectic run towards North @ 15cm /year and crushed against the Eurasian Plate 50 million years ago. Don’t laugh! The movement is the fastest the Eurasian Plate clocked only 5 cm /year. And up came the Himalayas as a sentry to the Indian peninsula.

The reason to explain plate tectonics is to help you understand the Indian coastline. The reason India does not have natural harbors except Visakhapatnam and Machlipatnam in the east in spite of a very long coastline.

However, it provided beautiful beaches in the eastern and western coasts. The seas that surround India are the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and the Arabian Sea in the west.

The Andaman Archipelago is a cluster of 572 islands and a popular tourist attraction. If you like Sun and sand, and trekking, the Andaman and Nicobar island is a must go. But, remember, the tourists were not allowed to visit quite a few islands, and should not venture an adventure to the restricted areas, without explicit permission from the local administration.

The resort booking online at Andaman

You will get the facility of resort booking online at Andaman. But that is available for the main tourist places. You have to make a plan for visiting the uninhabited islands if you want to enjoy the pristine beauty that will be your lifetime experience. Make headquarter at Port Blair; Port Blair is the capital of Andaman Islands, and you can access other islands from islands by boats or through land routes. Don’t miss snorkeling at Jolly Boy, and the setting Sun from Radhanagar beach, Havloc. Diglipur is another must go destination. In boat trips, in and out of Port Blair, you will be stunned by the beauties curved by nature.

The best time to visit Andaman is the winter months, but if you are not afraid of inclement weather, you can try it during monsoon. You will see how nature unfolds, and you will see what it looked like a few million years back. It’s a journey through time.

Beaches of mainland

In the mainland also you will get beaches in the eastern part, as well as on the west. The beaches on the east will offer you rolling waves. The roaring waves will challenge your might. The beach at Gopalpur-on-sea is especially notorious for its undercurrent. If you are traveling with your kids, keep them away from the roaring waves. The risk here is that you ducked a wave when at three feet of water, and discovered that you are seven feet deep once it rolled past. You will panic, and that’s how catastrophes happen. So, keep kids far from the inviting waves, unless they are an ace swimmer and in life jackets. The best thing about Gopalpur-on-sea is that you can enjoy the four-star luxury if you so wish. The nearest airport to Gopalpur-on-sea is Bhubaneswar, and the distance is 164 km.

Other famed beaches of eastern India

At a commutable distance from Bhubaneswar, you will get the famous Puri sea beach. Here the sea will change its fire and fury according to its whim, but you will enjoy it, and the sea is safe from the shark attack.  Puri is an excellent pilgrim place for the Lord Jagannath Temple. You will get luxury accommodations in and around Puri. Traditionally non-Hindus are not allowed entry inside the temple, though the Supreme Court of India has asked the authorities to change the guideline. However, you need to check the matter with the authorities. But you can always visit the famous Sun temple at Konark the sculpture will speak for itself. Only avoid the Temple Town during the festive season as there will be millions of visitors. At other times you will get excellent hotel booking discounts.

A calm beach

The Bay of Bengal is famous for its roughness, but the Arabian sea is calm. So, if you want a beach calm and quiet, you must look forward to Western India. The ideal beach is in Kovalam, Kerala. The half-moon beach lined with coconut trees is a treat to remember.

There are a few great beaches in Kerala, but let’s hop on Konkan Express for Goa. The state is in the radar of overseas tourists for a long time. You will get details of all those famous beaches online. But there are a few ‘far from the maddening crowd’ try those beaches like Mandrem beach in North Goa. It’s an ideal recluse for the honeymooners. The beach is near Arambol beach a hot destination for the tourists, but somehow escaped the hustle and bustle of the daily choir. It’s a place to relax and recuperate.

A few more beaches in western India

In Kochi, Kerala there is a famous beach you can visit. Those are Andhakaranazhi beach and Marari beach. The first one is unpopulated, except for a fisherman colony, the second is a famed one. Similarly, there is another gem, Ullal, Mangalore. But Ullal is not fit for water sports or from swimming for the undercurrent.

If you are interested in the sea, there are numerous beaches in India to explore. For example, you can try the New Digha or Bokkhali in West Bengal in eastern India. You will enjoy the Bokkhali on a moonlit night. But there is no three-star facility in Bokkali let alone five-star luxury. But, it will cut your cost to a great extent.

The foods in India

India is famous for its spices, but you will also get continental dishes in all big cities, and they won’t be spicy. You will get plenty of fruits and sweet dishes in Eastern India; especially, in Kolkata, which is sublime. Kolkata is also famous for Moglai preparations and is comparable to anywhere in the world.

The language

India is a multilingual country, but you can communicate in English. But it must be accent-free, however, in Southern, and Western India spoken English is highly accentuated. So, speak slowly and try to listen intently. If you stay in star-rated hotels language won’t bother. Take care while buying souvenirs you need to bargain heavily.

Safety advice

Keep your travel documents in the hotel lockers and keep a copy with you. Don’t carry, big cash with you, but keep a copy of your health insurance plan to meet any contingency. In hotels always insist on sealed mineral water bottles, but in the Indian beaches, you will always find green coconuts to quench your thirst. Green coconut water is ideal in Indian condition, and unless you have a health issue, you will enjoy it. Remember, coconut water is rich in potassium, so ask your physician whether he has a caveat on coconut water.


You got a few destinations in India with a seafront. But India is not only about sea beaches, but India also stands for its centuries-old culture, temples, shrines, and the majestic Himalayas. You will need a few more talks to select the ideal place or the combination to tour India. Meanwhile, look for hotel booking discounts or for that matter wine clubs bookings and wait for our next discussion to finalize your India tour.

Hurry! It’s Time for great travel booking offer

April is time to avail travel booking offer

Why? Because if you dilly-dally then as Elliot said, “April could be the cruelest month.” The travel booking offers for the coming season won’t last long. So you need to hurry! But, before that, you have to fix your destination.  What about Asia? The continent is the seat of a very ancient culture with a long history, and to top, it upholds stunning natural beauty. The Asian civilization would lead you back to the days when in the other part of the world our species were cave dwellers. Though war strife and terrorism, have limited our access and pose a mortal risk. Therefore, these places are not within our itinerary but mentioned in passing.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Egypt was the seat of an ancient civilization and an architectural wonder. Yes, the pyramid complex of Giza, also known as the Giza Necropolis. The term looks familiar? Maybe you are influenced by the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The pyramid complex itself is enough to inspire your awe and lifetime interest. The architectural achievement is still a wonder and hotly debated subject and the recent electron microscope scanning survey’s conclusion that the top was a cast, added fuel to it. There are many mystery tales and movies with the Egyptian cult as a backdrop made it more romantic. So, don’t wait, look for hotel offers in Egypt.

There was a travel advisory on Egypt, but it has now stands withdrawn, so you can try to have a few romantic nights here.

Ancient Sumer was another such place but it’s in Iraq, and unless you have the courage of a lion or a war reporter, it’s better to avoid. So, great Babylon is now out choice and hope for a better tomorrow. Let’s move from 4500 BCE to 1130 AD.

The Cambodian grandeur

Cambodia has several tourist spots, but the crowning jewel is Angkor Wat. Colossus is a term too small to describe Angkor Wat. Of course, it is a world heritage site, and joint effort is in force to restore it to its full glory. The central tire is almost 700 feet high from the base, and the expanse is about 208 hectares of land. It has miles of exquisite carvings in sandstone, and each figure is different from the other. The least to describe Angkor Wat is that it is not describable. It has to be seen to believe. It is enough to know that the materials needed to construct Angkor Wat was more than the three pyramids of Egypt, taken together.

Angkor Wat is a lifetime experience, so if you are inclined or enthused about it, it’s time to look for rental car bookings.

Indonesian Marvel

Travel a few thousand kilometer South on the distance and a few centuries back in time you will find Borobudur. Another World Heritage architecture and another wonder of the ancient world. Borobudur was a Buddhist temple and constructed in the 9th Century. It was once a revered center of pilgrimage and teaching of Buddhist concept to attaining Nirvana. It depicts the journey from the world of desire to the world of forms and then a progression to the world of formlessness. The temple lost is patronage once the kingdom embraced Islam and then rediscovered. Unfortunately, the colonial masters and the souvenir hunters looted and vandalized it for years. It also suffered extensive damage by the volcanic ashes and earthquakes. There was a desperate effort to save the structure now headed by UNESCO. However, the early efforts to restore the temple has done more harm than good. The sister temple of Borobudur is Angkor Wat (by UNESCO), and both are waiting out to amaze you.

That’s all about the wonders of the ancient world. But Cambodia and Indonesia are not confined to these two sites. If you search the tourist destinations in Indonesia, you will find Banda Aceh is more popular. There are lake Toba and the Komodo Dragon a better attraction. But, it’s only to remind you there are options better than what the tourists go for and the pressure of the package forced them to abandon the best. Here is a friendly advice, don’t forget your luxury home bookings. The home stays with specially brewed coffee taste heavenly. Don’t forget to bring a few gift packs.

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Are you interested in hotel booking discounts?

Are you interested in hotel booking discounts?

Holiday planning is fun. Holidays are your way to let off the steam of daily pressures. It’s time to relax, time to regain your internal stability, rejuvenation, and stabilization. But you are not alone there are millions out there, doing or dreaming the same thing. Therefore, you have to take extra caution while finalizing your holiday planning.

The fun part of holiday planning is to locate deals on hotels. It is also the trickiest part because whatever be the promise there is no free lunch. It’s a lure to hook the fish.  But there is a way out; you need to work overtime

Holiday Spot locations

You may be a globetrotter or a kind of wanderlust or may want to remain within your State boundary to avoid travel documentation. So, let’s glimpse over the holiday spots world over. Let’s start with Australasia.

Amazing Australia

What is your crush the majestic mountains or rolling seas? You get both in Australia. The majestic mountains of Australia are enticing. For example, the tour to ‘The Blue Mountains’, the nearest city is Sydney and is around two (2) hours driving distance. You can also take a coach tour or can avail other travel booking offers. The top attractions at Blue Mountain are, of course, the trail walks; visit the Three Sisters, Echo Point. You can also visit the Three Sisters, on foot crossing the Honeymoon Bridge.  Plan your stay to avail the Scenic Skyway service (gondola) to get the full view of the Katoomba Falls, Mount Solitary and Three Sisters. Try to take a ride in Scenic Railway to enjoy the world’s steepest ride and the journey through the tunnel to reach the valley floor. Explore the fantastic caves and underground rivers with your family. You can avail luxury home bookings here.

If your crush is the mountain, then the Australian Alps is a must in your itinerary. The best thing about Australian winter is the timing. Here winter is from June to August and is the ideal time to try ski slopes, mountain biking or horse riding or try the walking tracks of the Australian Alps. It’s here you will find the snow-clad gum trees and have the luxury to enjoy the privilege of wine clubs bookings.

The Rolling Seas

Mountain or Sea whatever is your bias; your Australian tour is incomplete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The 2300 km long reef will amaze you and shock you what our civilization has done to this natural wonder through global warming. If you fly by any International Airliner, then you have to stop at Cairns Airport. You can avail domestic flights to reach Hamilton Island or to reach Whitsundays into Proserpine. See marine life in its entire natural environment and enjoy the Sun and Moon. Where? Oh! There are so many choices you will get spoiled. You can try resort booking online or can select an adventure cruise.

Wild Wilderness

If you are a wildlife lover, then Australia should be your prime destination. Don’t miss Kangaroo Island if you want to make a walk through the colonies of Sea lions and long-nosed fur seals, wallabies and of course Kangaroos.

Australia is a continent; and is waiting for you to discover its beauty.


Please do remember there are reports of the attack of a kind of jellyfish found in Australian sea waters. These creatures are notorious for their venom and can kill the victim. The gossamer like tentacles pumps the poison that spreads within a short time. The result is excruciating pain, numbness of limbs, and heart failure. The only known antidote is vinegar anti-venom serum available with the coast guard people. So, keep a bottle of vinegar handy, and if the lifeguards warn you about any such incident, keep your loved ones away from the inviting blue waves.

New Zealand the all in one destination

If you have time, then don’t miss their next-door neighbor New Zealand. It’s all in one package. The island nation of the Pacific is full of wonder. You have to resort to online activity bookings to have a hurricane tour in New Zealand. You will find landscapes remnant of volcanic activities and numerous geothermal vents, glaciers and Alpine landscapes and, of course, the beaches and the coastal planes. Do you want to see the work done by the Pacific Ring of Fire or the fiords? Just come to Rangitoto Island and get stunned with the slow and steady work of Mother Nature to covert the lava fields to a lush green forest. If you are a connoisseur, then try the round trip from Rotorua to Taupo via Gisborne and Napier. The wine trails and the Geothermal will rejuvenate you and will be in your memory, etched forever.