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Holiday planning is fun. Holidays are your way to let off the steam of daily pressures. It’s time to relax, time to regain your internal stability, rejuvenation, and stabilization. But you are not alone there are millions out there, doing or dreaming the same thing. Therefore, you have to take extra caution while finalizing your holiday planning.

The fun part of holiday planning is to locate deals on hotels. It is also the trickiest part because whatever be the promise there is no free lunch. It’s a lure to hook the fish.  But there is a way out; you need to work overtime

Holiday Spot locations

You may be a globetrotter or a kind of wanderlust or may want to remain within your State boundary to avoid travel documentation. So, let’s glimpse over the holiday spots world over. Let’s start with Australasia.

Amazing Australia

What is your crush the majestic mountains or rolling seas? You get both in Australia. The majestic mountains of Australia are enticing. For example, the tour to ‘The Blue Mountains’, the nearest city is Sydney and is around two (2) hours driving distance. You can also take a coach tour or can avail other travel booking offers. The top attractions at Blue Mountain are, of course, the trail walks; visit the Three Sisters, Echo Point. You can also visit the Three Sisters, on foot crossing the Honeymoon Bridge.  Plan your stay to avail the Scenic Skyway service (gondola) to get the full view of the Katoomba Falls, Mount Solitary and Three Sisters. Try to take a ride in Scenic Railway to enjoy the world’s steepest ride and the journey through the tunnel to reach the valley floor. Explore the fantastic caves and underground rivers with your family. You can avail luxury home bookings here.

If your crush is the mountain, then the Australian Alps is a must in your itinerary. The best thing about Australian winter is the timing. Here winter is from June to August and is the ideal time to try ski slopes, mountain biking or horse riding or try the walking tracks of the Australian Alps. It’s here you will find the snow-clad gum trees and have the luxury to enjoy the privilege of wine clubs bookings.

The Rolling Seas

Mountain or Sea whatever is your bias; your Australian tour is incomplete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The 2300 km long reef will amaze you and shock you what our civilization has done to this natural wonder through global warming. If you fly by any International Airliner, then you have to stop at Cairns Airport. You can avail domestic flights to reach Hamilton Island or to reach Whitsundays into Proserpine. See marine life in its entire natural environment and enjoy the Sun and Moon. Where? Oh! There are so many choices you will get spoiled. You can try resort booking online or can select an adventure cruise.

Wild Wilderness

If you are a wildlife lover, then Australia should be your prime destination. Don’t miss Kangaroo Island if you want to make a walk through the colonies of Sea lions and long-nosed fur seals, wallabies and of course Kangaroos.

Australia is a continent; and is waiting for you to discover its beauty.


Please do remember there are reports of the attack of a kind of jellyfish found in Australian sea waters. These creatures are notorious for their venom and can kill the victim. The gossamer like tentacles pumps the poison that spreads within a short time. The result is excruciating pain, numbness of limbs, and heart failure. The only known antidote is vinegar anti-venom serum available with the coast guard people. So, keep a bottle of vinegar handy, and if the lifeguards warn you about any such incident, keep your loved ones away from the inviting blue waves.

New Zealand the all in one destination

If you have time, then don’t miss their next-door neighbor New Zealand. It’s all in one package. The island nation of the Pacific is full of wonder. You have to resort to online activity bookings to have a hurricane tour in New Zealand. You will find landscapes remnant of volcanic activities and numerous geothermal vents, glaciers and Alpine landscapes and, of course, the beaches and the coastal planes. Do you want to see the work done by the Pacific Ring of Fire or the fiords? Just come to Rangitoto Island and get stunned with the slow and steady work of Mother Nature to covert the lava fields to a lush green forest. If you are a connoisseur, then try the round trip from Rotorua to Taupo via Gisborne and Napier. The wine trails and the Geothermal will rejuvenate you and will be in your memory, etched forever.

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